Cupom para o SSD BlitzWolf BW-PSSD1 256GB

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USB 3.1 High Speed Transmission
High transmission speed for data-heavy applications and fast file transfer, read speed up to 430 MB/s, write speed up to 370 MB/s;

256GB Large Capacity
Store your whole world, store songs, documents, images, and videos, it can meet the demands of your work and study;

OTG Connector
USB-C To A Cable + USB-A to C Connector, Directly connect the drive to your mobile phone and instantly access your files;

Slim and Portable Design
Saving-space SSD is convenient for the user to carry;

Shock-proof & Shatter-proof
High Strength Aluminum Alloy Casing, the surface of product has a higher body temperature during the use process because Aluminum alloy has the performance of quick heat conduction.

Strong Compatibility
The USB3.1 is backward compatible with USB 2.0, supports TV, phone, tablet, camera, PS4, XBOX, and other devices;

Cupom para o SSD BlitzWolf BW-PSSD1 256GB
Cupom para o SSD BlitzWolf BW-PSSD1 256GB
R$ 220,17 R$ 327,13

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