Cupom para a Huawei Honor Band 5i

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1.USB Charging–The built-in USB plug of Huawei Honor Band 5i fits in general USB chargers so you charge it anywhere.A single charge powers the band with more than 6 days of using time.
2.Smart Heart Rate Tracking–Huawei TruSeenTM 3.5 monitors your heart rate with professional optical devices, processing chips and AI algorithm. It also provides intelligent reminders via vibrations if your heart rate exceeds the maximum average heart rate.
3.Detect Blood Oxygen Supply–Honor band 5i can measure blood oxygen saturation spO2. It is convenient to detect blood oxygen value and grasp your body changes.
4.IR technology–Honor band 5i incorporates IR technology support to monitor heart rate and sleep without the green light.With the addition of this technology, users don’t have to worry about being disturbed by green light during sleep at night.

Cupom para a Huawei Honor Band 5i
Cupom para a Huawei Honor Band 5i
R$ 123,46 R$ 340,66

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