Cupom para o fone ouvido BlitzWolf BW-BTS2

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  • Dynamic Driver Unit——With the high quality voice exporting, the product provides you the maximum listening pleasure.
  • bluetooth 4.1 chip——Ensuring the high-fidelity sound quality, the Application of bluetooth 4.1 chip gives you acoustic enjoyment.
  • Ear Hook Earphones——The product has the advantage of non-easy falling out, which is convenient for movement.
  • IPX7 Waterproof——Designed in PCB Board and nano-coatings technology, waterproof function enables the product to be worn in swimming, bathing, drifting, and etc.
  • Simultaneous Connection——The earphone can connect two bluetooth devices simultaneously.
  • Long Working-time——110mAh Li-ion Battery lets you enjoy calling and music at all times.
  • Intelligent Voice Prompt——Indicate you the real time state of the earphone
Cupom para o fone ouvido BlitzWolf BW-BTS2
Cupom para o fone ouvido BlitzWolf BW-BTS2
R$ 71,07 R$ 126,23

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