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Cupom para o fone de ouvido sem fio HUAWEI AM61

R$ 125,36 R$ 151,96 Comprar agora

● Ergonomic design, light (19.7 g), perfect for extensive use and high-intensity workouts
Superior music quality:
● 11mm dynamic speaker, high quality, wireless sound makes every aspect of your life more vibrant
Long battery life:
● More than 11 hours of music playback, and a long 10-day standby time
Magnetic design:
● Adaptable magnetic design for earpieces to prevents disconnection
Waterproof and anti-sweat:
● Waterproof, dust-proof, and anti-sweat features for the purpose of everyday use help your enjoy your music anytime, anywhere
Specialized call noise reduction:
● MEMS silicon, along with Bluetooth noise reduction technology and windproof cavity design, ensures excellent call quality

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