Cupom para o fone de ouvido Edifier W380NB

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  • AMS (composite) ANC active noise reduction technology can form reverse sound waves and noise to cancel, enhance the depth and width of noise reduction, and enjoy the sound of the sound of nature.
  • The moving coil is upgraded again. The liquid crystal polymer diaphragm (LCP) with a thickness of 6μm is light, tough and high-resolution, adding rich details to the sound quality.
  • High-definition audio decoding, support 24bit/48kHz audio, the highest bit rate of 576kbps, the advantage of the stand-up, bringing a quality listening experience.
  • Bluetooth V5.0 version, achieve audio processing, stable connection, unlimited speed.
  • EDIFER CONNECT can help you get a better grasp of W380NB, download the app to get.
  • Support to connect 2 bluetooth devices at the same time and switch at will.
Cupom para o fone de ouvido Edifier W380NB
Cupom para o fone de ouvido Edifier W380NB
R$ 435,95 R$ 736,78

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